FUTURE OPEN SOURCE DATA Library for Stonks and Crypto

News / Update: May 9th 2021 We are excited to share the news that IANAFA will be transitioning to be a more generalized finance community. Our goal has always been to build a decentralized, crowd/open sourced financial Due Diligence library for all markets. Our community was never intended to be solely focused on GME. We are in a transitional phase, there will be hiccups. The doors will open once again once the backend infrastructure is rebuilt. Stay tuned!

News / Update: April 21st 2021

Old links removed. Please avoid hotlinking as it bypasses our page with translations and updates, including corrections. It also bypasses our disclaimer. If it continues we will disable it on our end.

News / Update: April 9th 2021

Website updated. Links updated. Be sure to update to new links, old ones will be taken down soon.

News / Update: March 31st 2021

Currently hyper-focused on $GME and meme stonks

Website will be updated when new and interesting data/info/DD are available.

Stay tuned for future stonks and crypto DDs!